The Art of Filmmaking - Steps and Stages

The Art of Filmmaking involves Creativity, Technology, and Business.

Filmmaking is the process of making a film.
Film making involves a number of discrete stages including an initial idea, story, research, screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and reproduction, editing, VFX, Compositing and screening...
Filmmaking takes place in many places around the world in a range of economic, social, and political contexts, and using a variety of technologies and cinematic techniques.

Motion pictures are so much a part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine a world without them.

Films communicate information and ideas or explore and they show us places and ways of life we might not otherwise know.
Films offer us ways of seeing and feeling.
Films are designed to have effects on viewers, It engages our minds and emotions.

Stages of production:

  • Development: First stage of the film, Ideas, Story line, Research, Screenwriting, Story-board, rights to books/plays are bought etc., Financing for the project has to be sought and obtained.
  • Pre-production: Planning for Production steps, Arrangements and preparations are made for the shoot, such as hiring cast and film crew, selecting locations and constructing sets, Animatic, Pipe line Testing.
  • Production: The raw footage and other elements for the film are recorded during the film shoot. Computer Graphics such as 2D / 3D Animation, FX, VFX are created according to the given Story Board and Animatic.
  • Post-production: Editing, Compositing the footage The images, sound, and visual effects of the recorded film, DI Color Grading are the steps in Post-Production
  • Distribution: Film Releasing process The completed film is distributed, marketed, and screened in Channels like Web, Cinemas.

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