What really matters for SEO in 2019 - atfunky Specifications and Reviews
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What really matters for SEO in 2019 - atfunky Specifications and Reviews

What really matters for SEO in 2019, Quick tips. 

  • Content Quality is a top priority.
  • Geotarget your site in Search Console.
  • Don’t block your site or any specific contents, before sharing content and before indexing picks-up make sure you do all the necessary changes.
  • Keep it simple is a new rule, Don’t confuse your website visitor.
  • Use Grammarly or similar tools for editing, Grammatical and spelling mistakes can impact the quality of the content.
  • Lists, images, videos, and tables will increase Content quality.
  • Use the keyword phrase in Page Title and also in Contents Body.
  • Avoid using Keywords multiple times in the contents, Algorithms are very intelligent nowadays. Use Synonyms if needed.
  • Plan and optimize your meta description, be clear so the user can decide to click on your link.
  • Ensure the keywords you want to rank are present in your site.
  • Optimize the content having User/ Visitor in mind.
  • Frequent updates of popular content in website help in SEO rankings.
  • Remove Outdated and old contents which are not relevant to present.
  • Don’t block Google, If you need to block better you remove that specific content or block before sharing and indexing.
  • The better design which is responsive and fast access for both mobile and desktop is a key to retain users.
  • Build your site Search friendly, Do consider Voice search as a priority.
  • Avoid publishing and indexing content with limited contents.
  • Display page modification dates for popular contents.
  • Avoids too many Ads, Using Google's Auto Ad's will help sometimes to give the user a better experience.
  • Use relevant anchor texts.
  • The user-friendly navigation system on your site will attract more users and they stay for a long time.
  • Follow basic W3C recommendations.
  • Remove annoying ads and pop-ups, Hide Ad elements for mobile.
  • Follow Google SEO recommendations and policies.
  • Disclose affiliate ads.
  • Use the Keyword phrase in anchor text and short URL's.
  • Google is better at detecting sites with little value-add, algorithms are intelligent, Follow Google policies.
  • Avoid low-quality links.
  • Maintain and disclose website domain ownership, copyright and contact details on the site.
  • Share your content in social sites, clicks, shares and comments all matter in SEO rankings.
  • Appreciate and support backlinks.
  • Site SEcurity, maintenance and monitoring is super important.

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