Wireshark USB capture

Wireshark USB capture


Raw USB traffic can be captured with Wireshark currently only under Linux, see CaptureSetup/USB. If it's an Ethernet (or any other network related) USB adapter, Wireshark can capture e.g. Ethernet traffic from that USB device if the platform supports it (which it usually will do). On Win32 you can however try:


  • SniffUSB "minor" updates and port of usbsnoop 1.8 (v2.0.0006 Feb 2007)

  • SnoopyPro based on usbsnoopy, last updated (v0.22) in 2002 (GPL, Win32)

    • Also usbsnoop seems to be by the same developer, but updated through 2001-2003 (latest v1.8)

  • usbsnoopy last updated (v0.13) in 2001 (no license, source incl., Win32)

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