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"The initial enquiry report has not confirmed that the guiding lights were damaged by IX 814 (Dubai-Mangaluru flight)," said an AI spokesperson.
By Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland via Wikimedia Commons
International low-cost carrier Air India Express has set up an internal enquiry to ascertain whether its Dubai-Mangaluru flight with 186 passengers on-board, which operated on Sunday early morning, had hit the runway guiding lights on landing at Mangaluru airport. "The initial enquiry report has not confirmed that the guiding lights were damaged by IX 814 (Dubai-Mangaluru flight)," AI Spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar told IANS in New Delhi. "After IX 814, three more aircraft landed on the same runway. It is a matter of detailed enquiry."  The purported incident came to light after the pilot of one of the three aircraft that landed after the Air India Express flight, reported guiding light debris on the tarmac, local sources said. This led to the airport authorities questioning the IX 814 crew whether they had hit the guiding lights. As per local sources, the airport authority has alleged that the aircraft had hit "some guiding lights" of the runway after landing at Mangaluru airport, damaging them.  Taking cognisance of the allegation, the airline's Flight Safety Department set up the enquiry into the incident. Initial enquiry reports have suggested that the aircraft did not skid upon landing. According to Kumar, the aircraft did not suffer any damage and all 186 passengers on-board the aircraft were safe. 
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