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Lunar Eclipse Monday 7th August 2017

Start time – 10:20pm; End Time – 12:50am.(Bangalore)

TIME: 10:20 pm – 12:50am (Eclipse timings for Bangalore karnataka)

Please check the exact time for your place with the local calendar.

Devotees can sleep normally on that day.

Instructions for Kitchen devotees/Cooks


1.   Provisions like raw rice, raw dahl, wheat etc remain pure and there is no need to put darbha/kusha grass.

2.   Cooked perishable items like rice, dahl, sabji become contaminated and hence should be used up before eclipse. If not used it should be discarded after eclipse since they become contaminated. They cannot be protected even by darbha.

3.   Cooked nonperishable items can be preserved with darbha. Ex: all fried items like khaja, mixture, buns, breads etc.

4.   Milk, Curds, Watercan be protected using Darbha; otherwise they also become contaminated and will have to be discarded.

All the devotees are recommended to honor prasadam soon after the festival before 10 pm on that day.

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