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Sri Chand (1494 to 1643), also called Baba Sri Chand is the elder son of Guru Nanak and the founder of the ascetic sect of Udasis. He was born to Mata Sulakhani on Bhadon sudi 9, 1551 Bk / 9 September 1494 at Sultanpur Lodhi, now in Kapurthala district of the Punjab. This type of arrangement where the child is born at the mother's parental (ਨਾਨਕੇ s  "Nanakay" meaning 'maternal grandparents') home was a quite common and accepted custom at that time.

Sri Chand mastered the techniques of yoga at a very young age. He remained devoted to his father, Baba Nanak and established the Udasi order. He travelled far and wide and spread awareness of Guru Nanak.

Baba Sri Chand was held in great esteem by the ensuing Sikh GurusBaba Mohan, the eldest son of Guru Amar Das and the person who is best known as the custodian of Guru Sahib's Pothis (hand written verses) from which Guru Arjun Dev compiled the Guru Granth Sahib also became a renunciate, possibly influenced by Sri Chand.

Source: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Baba_Sri_Chand

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